Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Google Trends neglected? Petition to update data regularly

Google Trends has been a great source of information. It can be used for all kinds of research. For example you can easily see why Google bought YouTube (found on digg).
But the data has not been updated since February 2007...
On the 'About' page we can read: "We'll aim to update the information provided by Google Trends monthly." Apparently it is quite difficult and/or resource consuming to update this great service.
If you feel like me and would like to see monthly updates really happening contact Google at trends-support@google.com or just leave a comment on this article and I'll forward all requests as a kind of petition to them.

Update: It looks like Google has now updated trends again - just days after this posting. Maybe it helped... ?


Blogger carolinejlewis said...

In response to your question about Mt. Kinabalu

Oh, I am so sorry to get back to you late. Ok, so when I went to Sutra Sautuary they told me the same thing, "You have to buy the package." However, when my friends went to the office they were persistent about not buying the whole package and only the night's stay. They were able to get the deal after a bit of pressure on the office. I, however, went directly to Mt. Kinabalu headquarters and had an easy time. It will go something like this:
"I want to book one night please."
"Ok, we have availability in a week."
"Well, actually I think you have availability in a day or two."
"Oh, look, why Yes, we do. That will be 280 RM."
"Hmmm....well I don't want the package. I just want one night's stay in the non-heated dorm room. I think it is only 60 RM without the food. I don't want to eat. I just want the room."
"I'm sorry, you have to buy the package."
"Actually, I know some people that didn't have to buy the package so I know it is possible." (all with a VERY VERY big smile on your face).
This should do the trick. I climbed two days after I booked (maybe different with high season coming up). The guide and permit fees you can book on the morning you climb (almost better b/c then you can find some people to split the guide price with you).
Hope that helps! Sorry for the delayed reply.

29/3/08 14:01  

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