Tuesday, July 11, 2006

BAOssimo! eMail now hosted by Gmail

Do you agree that gmail is the best webmail out there?
Now you can have gmail for your own domain - at least in beta.
It took only a few days after applying with Google that I received an ok by eMail with instructions.
It's all very easy - you just need to have access to the MX DNS records of your domain and you're ready to go.
It actually comes with all sorts of features from gmail - including Talk and Calendar.
There is one big uncertainty, though: the beta is (obviously) free but they don't say anything concerning the roll-out. This might well turn into a paying service - at which point I'd have to migrate back to my own hosting.
Apparently Microsoft offers a similar service. I didn't test that one since their webmail doesn't run in Safari.

Have fun shaking off your mail server worries: security, updating, uptime, etc.


Blogger MiKE said...

" Do you agree that gmail is the best webmail out there? " ... i don't thinks so : i like RUNBOX [but it's 30$ each year] or FastMail.FM. Anyway, Gmail is a great (anti-privacy) tool.

5/8/06 00:44  

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