Wednesday, July 12, 2006

backpaddeling on some Ajax - for search engine optimization (SEO)

ealier I wrote about some nifty ajax I had put on my website.

I now think that I went too far and that I have been missing out in search engine referencing.

Implementation was:
  • such that the central page content was loaded asynchronously - after the actual page load finished
  • navigation over several pages of content just repulled the central content via Ajax, too
  • the initial page load pulls in the full content - allowing search engine crawlers to see it
  • navigation over several pages is still done through Ajax - i.e. pages further down may not be visible to search engines crawlers
  • therefore I added a 'view all' link which is a classic href and shows all pages in one - this can be followed by search engine crawlers, allowing them to crawl to all of my content
  • some users may find this 'show all' link very useful, too ;)
Google here I come!
See the page for yourself (as always in French) on BAOssimo! Resto


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